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Website design and advice from your local independent experts

The first weapon in any company’s marketing armoury is its online presence.

Get your website right – attractive, searchable, relevant, interesting, current – and you’re well on your way to online success. At PutneyPrinting.com, we cut our teeth on web design, and have stayed ahead of the game ever since. Whether you need a few pages for a ‘brochure’ site, a fully functioning ecommerce store, or something in between, we can help.

Promoting Your Presence. The greatest website is no use, if no one knows it’s there. We’ll help you promote your website (new or old), using search engine optimisation, email marketing and pay-per-click. 

Transactional Websites

A website can be much more than a brochure with pixels. It can be an integral part of your business, capturing customer details, booking appointments, selling products, answering queries and more.

At PutneyPrinting.com, we’ll work with you to maximise the internet’s benefit to your organisation through the many forms of ecommerce.

Website Hosting

A website needs to be there, 24x365 (366 in leap years). We provide secure, high-availability, high bandwidth website hosting, to keep even the busiest sites constantly available

We’ll help too with choosing and registering domain names, and providing email addresses for individuals, departments and campaigns. Vital to understanding and maximising the benefits of web activity is tracking hits. We include comprehensive monitoring and measurement tools in our web-hosting packages, and we’ll help you get the most from them. 

Content management

If you operate in a fast-moving marketplace (and who doesn’t, nowadays)you may want to make frequent changes to your website. You don’t always want to have to go through your web designer to implement the changes. We provide you with simple-to-use tools for updating your website as frequently as you like. No previous experience necessary! Just contact us for a free assessment of your web needs.